Selected CAMM project publications

Real-time modeling of hypoplastic left heart syndrome

T.A. Driscoll, G. Schleiniger, Lei Chen, M. A. McCulloch (Nemours/AI duPont)

Mathematical modeling of the tear film dynamics

R.J. Braun, T.A. Driscoll, Rayanne Luke, M.R. Stapf, Lan Zhong, A. Janett, S.R. Walker, J.K. Brosch, P.E. King-Smith (OSU), C.G. Begley (IU), K.L. Maki (RIT), Longfei Li (Louisiana U at Lafayette), W. Henshaw (RPI), Jeff Banks (RPI), Ziwei Wu (New England College of Optometry

Mathematical Modeling of Colon Cancer Development

Bruce Boman, Brooks Emerick and Gilberto Schleiniger
(MM indicates mathematical modeling, TB indicates tumor biology.)

  • [MM Research] "Multi-scale modeling of APC and β-catenin regulation in the human colonic crypt," Journal of Mathematical Biology 76:1797–1830, 2018.
  • [MM Research] "Why do Fibonacci Numbers Appear in Patterns of Growth in Nature? A Model for Tissue Renewal Based on Asymmetric Cell Division," Bruce M. Boman, Thien-Nam Dinh, Keith Decker, Brooks Emerick, Christopher Raymond, and Gilberto Schleiniger, Fibonacci Quarterly, 55:30-41, 2017.
  • [MM Research] "A kinetic model to study the regulation of beta-catenin, APC, and Axin in the human colonic crypt," B. Emerick, G. Schleiniger and B.M. Boman, Journal of Mathematical Biology 75:1171–1202, 2017.
  • [MM Research] "Computer modeling implicates stem cell overproduction in colon cancer initiation," B.M. Boman, J.Z. Fields, O. Bonham-Carter, O. Runquist, Cancer Research 61:8408-8411, 2001.
  • [MM Research] "Symmetric division of cancer stem cells – a key mechanism in tumor growth that should be targeted in future therapeutic approaches," B.M. Boman, M. Wicha, J.Z. Fields and O. Runquist, Clin. Pharm. Therap. 81:893-8, 2007.
  • [MM Research] "How dysregulated colonic crypt dynamics cause stem cell overpopulation and initiate colon cancer," B.M. Boman, J.Z. Fields, K.L. Cavanaugh, A. Gujetter and O. Runquist, Cancer Research 6:3304-3313, 2008.
  • [MM Research] "An APC:WNT counter-current-like mechanism regulates cell division along the colonic crypt axis: a mechanism that explains how APC mutations induce proliferative abnormalities that drive colon cancer development," B.M. Boman and J.Z. Fields, Frontiers in Oncology 3:244, November 7, 2013.
  • [MM Research] Discovery of power-law growth in the self-renewal of heterogeneous glioma stem cell populations," M. Sugimori, Y. Hayakawa, B.M. Boman, J.Z. Fields, M. Awaji, H. Kozano, R. Tamura, S. Yamamoto, T. Ogata, M. Yamada, S. Endo, M. Kurimoto and S. Kuroda, PLoS One 10(8):e0135760
  • [TB Research] "Evidence that APC regulates Survivin expression: A possible mechanism contributing to the stem cell origin of colon cancer," T. Zhang, T. Otevrel, Z.Q. Gao, Z.P. Gao, S.M. Ehrlich, J.Z. Fields and B.M. Boman, Cancer Research 61: 8664-7, 2001.
  • [TB Research] "Colonic crypt changes during adenoma development in FAP: Immunohistochemical evidence for expansion of the crypt base cell population," B.M. Boman, R. Walters, J.Z. Fields, A.J. Kovatich, T. Zhang, G.A. Isenberg, S.D. Goldstein and J.P. Palazzo, American Journal of Pathology 165:1489-1498, 2004.
  • [TB Research] "Cancer stem cells: A step toward the cure," B.M. Boman and M.S. Wicha, Journal of Clinical Oncology 26:2795-2799, 2008.
  • [TB Research] "Human colon cancer stem cells: A new paradigm in GI oncology," B.M. Boman and E.H. Huang, Journal of Clinical Oncology 26:2828-38, 2008.
  • [TB Research] "ALDH1 is a marker for normal and malignant human colonic stem cells and tracks stem cell overpopulation during colon tumorigenesis," E.H. Huang, M.J. Hynes, T. Zhang, C. Ginestier, G. Dontu, H. Appelman, J.Z. Fields, M.S. Wicha and B.M. Boman. Cancer Research 69:3382-3389, 2009.
  • [TB Research] "Survivin-induced Aurora-B kinase activation - A mechanism by which APC mutations contribute to colon cancer development," T. Zhang, J.Z. Fields, T. Otevrel, E. Masuda, J.P. Palazzo, G.A. Isenberg, S.D. Goldstein, M. Brandt and B.M. Boman, American Journal of Pathology 177:2816-2826, 2010.
  • [TB Research] "HOX genes and their role in the development of human cancers," S. Bhatlekar, J.Z. Fields and B.M. Boman, Journal of Molecular Medicine 92:811-23, 2014.
  • [TB Research] "The miRNA23b-regulated signaling network as a key to cancer development – implications for translational research and therapeutics," V. Viswanathan, J.Z. Fields and B.M. Boman, Journal of Molecular Medicine 92:1129-1138, 2014.
  • [TB Research] "Identification of a developmental gene expression signature, including HOX genes, for the normal human colonic crypt stem cell niche – Overexpression of the signature parallels stem cell overpopulation during colon tumorigenesis," S. Bhatlekar, S. Addya, M. Salunek, C. Orr, S. Surrey, S. McKenzie, J.Z. Fields and B.M. Boman, Stem Cells Dev 23:167-79, 2014.
  • [TB Research] "Interdependence of DNA mismatch repair proteins MLH1 and MSH2 in apoptosis in human colorectal carcinoma cell lines," S. Hassen, A.A. Ali, S.P. Kilaparty, Q.A. Al-Anbaky, W. Majeed, B.M. Boman, J.Z. Fields and N. Ali, Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry 412:297-305, 2016.
  • [TB Research] S.R. Modarai, L.M. Opdenaker, V. Viswanathan and B.M. Boman, "Somatostatin Signaling via SSTR1 Contributes to the Quiescence of Colon Cancer Stem Cells," BMC Cancer 16:941, 2016.
  • [TB Research] "The proportion of ALDEFLUOR-positive cancer stem cells changes with cell culture density due to the expression of different ALDH isoforms," L.M. Opdenaker, S.R. Modarai and B.M. Boman, Cancer Stud Mol Med 2:87-95, 2016.
  • [TB Research] "Aberrant proliferation in serrated polyps and adjacent mucosa suggests a field effect phenomenon in polyp progression," D. Fortuna, B.M. Boman and J.P. Palazzo, Human Patholology, under editorial revision for publication, 2017.
  • [TB Research] "A unique miRNA expression signature for the human colonic stem cell niche distinguishes malignant and normal epithelium – Discovery of miRNA23b as a regulator of colonic stem cells," V. Viswanathan, S. Damle, T. Zhang, L.M. Opdenaker, S. Modarai, M. Accerbi, S. Schmidt, P. Green, J.P. Palazzo, J.Z. Fields, S. Haghighat, I. Rigoutsos, G. Gonye and B.M. Boman, Cancer Research, under editorial revision for publication, 2017.

Modeling of vulnerable plaques in heart disease

P.-W. Fok

Modeling of Cancellous Bone and Osteoporosis

Miao-Jung Yvonne Ou

  • Book Chapter: "Mathematical quantification of the impact of microstructure on the various effective properties of bones," M.-J. Yvonne Ou, to appear in Encyclopedia of Biomedical Engineering (Elsevier, Amsterdam), 2017.
  • [Research] "Mathematical model for bone mineralization," S.V. Komarova, L. Safranek, J. Gopalakrishnan, M.-J. Yvonne Ou, M.D. McKee, M. Murshed, F. Rauch and E. Zuhr, Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology, 3(51), 2015
  • [Research] "Time-harmonic analytic solution for an acoustic plane wave scattering off an isotropic poroelastic cylinder: convergence and form function," M.-J. Yvonne Ou and G. Lemoine, Journal of Computational Acoustics, 23:1550017, 2015.
  • [Research] "On reconstruction of dynamic permeability and tortuosity from data at distinct frequencies," M.-J. Yvonne Ou, Inverse Problems, 30:095002, 2014.
  • [Research] "Finite Volume modeling of poroelastic-fluid wave propagation with mapped grids," G. Lemoine and M.-J. Yvonne Ou, SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing, 36(3):B396-426, 2014.
  • [Research] "The kinetics of vitamin D3 in the osteoblastic cell," J.L. Buchanan, R.P. Gilbert, Y. Ou, A. Nohe, and R. Schaefer, Bulletin of Mathematical Biology, 75(9):1612-35, 2013.
  • [Research] "Lamb waves in a poroelastic plate," R. Gilbert, Doo-Sung Lee, M.-J. Yvonne Ou, Journal of Computational Acoustics, 21:1350001, 2013.
  • [Research] "High-Resolution Finite Volume Modeling of Wave Propagation in Orthotropic Poroelastic Media," Y. Ou, G. Lemoine and R.J. LeVeque, SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing, 35(1):B176-206, 2013.
  • [Research] "On reconstruction of dynamic permeability and tortuosity from data at distinct frequencies," Y. Ou, Inverse Problems, 30(9):095002, 2014.
  • [Research] "On the reconstruction of dynamic permeability of cancellous bones," M.-J. Yvonne Ou, R. Tsai and Seong Jun Kim, in Proceedings of the 5th BIOT Conference on Poromechanics, 2013.
  • [Research] "A Quantitative Ultrasound Model of Bone with Blood as the Interstitial Fluid," R.P Gilbert, P. Guyenne and M.-J. Yvonne Ou, Mathematical and Computer Modelling, 55(9-10):2029–2039, 2012.
  • [Research] "Two-parameter integral representation formula for the effective elastic moduli of two-phase composites," M.-J. Yvonne Ou, Complex Variables and Elliptic Equations, 57(2-4):411-424, 2012.
  • [Research] "Transfer functions for a one-dimensional fluid-poroelastic system subject to an ultrasonic pulse," J. Buchanan, R. Gilbert, M.-J. Yvonne Ou, Nonlinear analysis: Real World Applications, 13(3):1030-1043, 2012

Using Optical Bionsensors to Estimate Rate Constants

David A. Edwards, Ryan Evans, Matthew Zumbrum

  1. [Research] " Transport Effects on Surface Reaction Arrays: Biosensor Applications ," D. A. Edwards Mathematical Biosciences, 230:12-22, 2011.
  2. [Research] " Multiple Surface Reactions in Arrays with Applications to Optical Biosensors," M.E. Zumbrum and D.A. Edwards, Bulletin of Mathematical Biology, 76:1783-1808, 2014.
  3. [Research] " Conformal Mapping in Optical Biosensor Applications," M.E. Zumbrum and D.A. Edwards, Journal of Mathematical Biology, 71:533-550, 2015.

Modeling of connections between associated diseases

S. Cioabă, W.A. Weintraub (MedStar, Georgetown)

More information can be found at Prof. Cioaba's research page.